All data provided within Campus IESALC, the platform that hosts the SET4HEI assessments, will be kept private and will never be shared with third parties.

SET4HEI assessments are only available on anonymous mode by default (without registration) at the moment.

Once the registration of users is enabled (expected in the first half of 2024), the email provided when registering will not be used for communications with the user without their express consent. The replies to the self-assessment will never be shared with third parties either. The user retains the right to modify or delete their data within the platform at any moment. You can check the Campus IESALC privacy statement for more details. 

Aggregated anonymized statistical data from all registered users, such as represented countries or average scores may be published.  

For users interested in undergoing the optional paid certification process, their replies to the self-assessment will be shared with reviewers as part of the validation steps. More information about this process will be made available in the Certification Guidelines. 

For any question or query regarding data privacy, please reach out to us using the Contact Form